The Chairman’s Circle is the most exclusive level of the InCircle Rewards Program, which is used by Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Horchow. Members of this elite inner circle have the opportunity to choose from a curated list of exclusive travel packages organized by the Chairman’s Circle Concierge annually. This exceptional gift of appreciation is personally hand delivered and presented to the customer by a General Manager.

For 2018, we decided to create a more tech-focused experience to present to our best customers. The presentation consists of a branded silver box with the IPad loaded with a custom app, leather IPad case, membership cards, and additional informational book. The informational app included nine customized travel packages, complete with informational descriptions of the experience and scrolling galleries of the destinations.

Chairman's Circle IPad Homescreen Mock-up copy
My role in the production of this was very involved from concept to creation. From the get-go, I researched and sourced third-party developers as we did not have the manpower needed in order to use our internal team. After developing an initial wireframe, I collaborated directly with the developers at FUSION OF IDEAS to bring the app to life.
In working jointly with both the NM Creative Directors, VP of Creative, and the developers at Fusion, I spearheaded creating standards for this project regarding typography, spacing, imagery, and the overall content and visual style. The goal was to create a product that was new and fresh, however we also needed something that still could be affiliated with the existing rewards program standards.
Close Up Chairman's
One of my favorite aspects of this travel app is the beautiful galleries included with each itinerary; however because the images were supplied by the individual vendors, the style and quality of the images varied across all nine vendors. After the majority of the wireframe navigation and overall design had been completed, I worked directly with our internal production manager and team to assess each individual image being used. We developed overall retouching style specifications and notes for the production team to implement across all images so they would look cohesive when living together on the app.
Wireframe Mockup
This project had quite a few cross-channel moving pieces. Another aspect in addition to the app development was determining the packaging and additional pieces included in the presentation. I worked directly with the Fusion of Ideas team to determine the style, material, and branding of the outer presentation box, and then simultaneously with our internal production team to create the membership cards. The leather IPad case was sourced by the VP of Creative.