2018 InCircle Mockup

The InCircle Rewards program was the first rewards program launched in the United States, circa 1984, and is a leader in the industry regarding customer appreciation. The program is utilized by Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow, My Theresa, and Neiman Marcus Last Call. During my time at Neiman Marcus, I was the lead designer for the program.

The working title of the final campaign concept I developed for 2018 was “Treat Yourself”. During content creation phase, I worked closely with both the art directors and the copy team to develop imagery concepts to be shot in the studio and copy that embodied the voice of this campaign direction. In an attempt to make the InCircle program more cohesive across channels, I took on the roll of developing several InCircle digital assets, including emails and digital banners, in addition to producing all of the printed pieces.

2018 InCircle Web Mockup