2017 Sale Campaign Image

Neiman Marcus is known as one of the leading luxury department stores when it comes to unique products, exceptional customer experience, and impeccable quality of service.

In the Spring of 2017, the in-house design team was tasked with creating a sale campaign that could have legs for an entire while still looking fresh and cohesive. It needed to incorporate red and have figure/non-figure options, while also working with potential last-minute, non-cohesive pickup photography. My solution was to create simple, custom illustrated red silhouettes of clothing (i.e red shirt, dress, hat) that could be fitted to whatever figures we had available to use. The silhouettes solved the problem of masking merchandise that might not be able to be shown, while also providing a solid color plane that made headlines and copy clear and easy to read.

In addition to the silhouette concept, a brand style guide was also presented to set standards for color usage, font styles, imagery, tone of voice/copy, and layout. I collaborated with the design managers and the copy team to develop a style guide to be used across channels.

2017 Sale Campaign Image Digital
NM Sale Image 1